Why Work with a Realtor to Find Living Arrangements for a Senior Parent?


Finding a place for your aging parents to live can be difficult. Some realtors and firms specialize in this. Here’s one way they do it.



Senior living referral agents, sometimes also called elder care referral agents or senior placement agents (often called Seniorly Partner Agents), can be a company with several employees or just one senior living expert. In either case, they have a wealth of valuable information about all the various senior housing options, care services, and types of senior living available to you and your loved ones in the local area you are searching. Referral agents are passionate about helping you make the right decision in your search for senior care. They’ll help you find and connect with local retirement communities that provide the type of care your loved one needs, they’ll answer all of your questions, and they’ll work within your budget. Think of them as local senior housing experts, almost like real estate agents, but with a more specific clientele — senior living communities. Part of their expertise is to ensure you are not overwhelmed in your search. To achieve this, they will personally set up tours of your desired communities, as well as take you on those tours and serve as your advocate, especially getting you answers to questions you might feel uncomfortable asking on a tour


Why Use an SLRA?

These agents know how complex the process can be. This becomes especially true if your loved one is about to be discharged from the hospital and you need to quickly decide — a referral agent can be invaluable and can help you sort through the many options for seniors. They are experienced in this high stress situation and understand the pressures you are under. Your senior housing referral agent should be able to provide a comprehensive list of options, with information about each community that you might not be able to get from the internet or even from a visit to the communities. They can speed up your search, taking you through the process of narrowing down options. Best of all, their help can also save you money.


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