Why We (The Results Team) Should Earn Your Business

eXp Realty has become one of the most heard about real estate firms in a very short time, and this is for a good reason. Agents love working for the firm, clients are satisfied with the service and the homes they purchase, and we get results, hence our moniker The Results Team. We’ve taken advantage of a radical strategy: cloud-based real estate. After struggling in its upstart, it is now one of the fastest growing corporations in the nation, and fastest growing in Indiana. Here are a few reasons why we’d be the best choice for your real estate needs.



One of the reasons our agents are successful is the incentive eXp gives them to prosper, in the form of the opportunity to be shareholders in the company. While it takes time and work, having a share in the company is a goal that makes the work worth it. This kind of incentive makes for real estate agents willing to go the extra mile, which is what helps attain those results. It also creates a culture of community and family, making the agents even more empathetic to families seeking to buy and sell their properties. The best agents are all about community, and a company like eXp helps mold them.


Revenue Share

What makes eXp really stand out is its Revenue Share program. For each real estate agent that another agent brings to the firm, the agent who brings that business gets a percentage of the gross commission the new agent brings in. This means that each and every agent has the opportunity to capitalize on commissions while sharing in the growing success of the company. Agents are motivated in this way to please clients, make sales, and increase their—and everyone’s—standing in the local community. With this program, eXP creates a family-oriented business, which will attract family-oriented clients.


Fast-growing with Satisfied Customers

Since the beginning of 2018, eXp’s agent base has grown 85%, and continues to expand. This kind of success is testimony enough, yet overwhelmingly, eXp clients and agents have been very pleased with our firm. Our Indiana website’s front page shows testimonials from satisfied homeowners and sellers. All of these are great reasons to work with us.

When you’re driving in or out of town, please stop in and visit 2623 N. Walnut St., Bloomington, IN, 47404. Or call us at: (812)822-2746.