Why Springtime is the Best Time to Downsize Your Home

The spring weather gives us a renewed energy to start projects such as downsizing that we’ve been putting off all winter. The days start to get longer, which is emotionally motivating to begin on an area of your house that needs some attention. By focusing on downsizing, you can look forward to enjoying the lifestyle that you want. Spring is a terrific time to downsize. The sun is shining, the windows are open, and the air is fresh. Our days are getting longer, and there’s a renewed energy. Spring is the time for new beginnings, and it’s the ideal time for downsizing. Downsizing and decluttering while spring-cleaning is a natural pairing.



After a long and chilly winter, many of us are eager to throw open the windows and start clearing out some of the clutter that’s accumulated while we’ve been hibernating indoors. If you’re retired and considering moving to a smaller home at some point, spring is an ideal time to jump start your downsizing process.



As the weather finally warms up and we turn off the heater for several months, the energy and vigor that comes with spring provides the perfect motivation to jumpstart the downsizing process. Spring cleaning is a ritual many of us undertake each year just to clear out the clutter. If you start using your spring-cleaning ritual as a yearly reason to downsize and take stock of what you own, moving to an apartment in a few years is much less of a challenge.


Rewarding Work

While 95% of the population likely doesn’t categorize spring cleaning as “fun,” it doesn’t have to be a “pain in the (insert noun here).” You can also fill two needs with one deed by doing a little downsizing in the process. So, while spring cleaning isn’t very enjoyable, and downsizing is downright stressful, there are ways to make both processes a bit more tolerable. We hope the tips above help you get the job done with more ease and a little more fun. In case you missed it, they also serve as some ideas to add to your spring-cleaning music playlist.


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