When Should You Talk to Your Parents about Moving to a Smaller Home?

Perhaps a good way to begin is to ask your parents if they would allow you to box things up in the rooms they can’t get to and bring everything downstairs (if they have them) for them to sort. As you help them work their way through the boxes, cleaning out each room as you go, your parents might begin to see how few things they really use or need, and how little space they require. Your parents may even be living in a smaller space than they realize.


The Conversation

Then it might be easier to sit down and have an honest conversation with your parents about their situation. If you are correct in assuming, they are fearful of losing their independence, you may be able to help them see the shortcomings in their current living environment. For example, if their laundry room is in the basement and neither of them can manage stairs, who is doing their laundry for them? How are the rooms on the upper and lower floors of the home being cleaned and maintained? Would they know if a window was broken or if there was a leak in plumbing?  A move to a single-story home, such as a condominium or a senior living apartment or villa, can put your parents back in control of their environment.


They Aren’t Alone

Other families have found it helps to tackle the issue from a financial perspective. Even if your parents’ mortgage is paid, maintaining a large home can take a big bite out of a senior’s budget. All that wasted space in their home translates to higher utility bills, more money in taxes, a bigger property insurance bill and more maintenance expenses.



If they are paying someone to help with laundry, grocery shopping and housekeeping, those bills can quickly add up. Downsizing to a senior living community frees older adults from the burdens of home ownership. Move forward on your parents’ timeline. While it might be slower than the pace you would like to set, it is important for them to feel as if they are still in control of their lives.


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