What Should Buyers Expect When Getting to the Closing Table?


The closing is an important day for you as a home seller. You will transfer the property to the buyer, fully pay off any mortgages, and receive your sales proceeds. If you are using the proceeds for a new home purchase on the same day or shortly thereafter, it is particularly important that your closing runs smoothly. Here’s what to expect.


Who Will Be at the Closing Table?

You can expect several people to be at the closing table. Attendees might include:

The buyer

The buyer’s agent

Real estate attorney

The seller

The seller’s agent

The lender’s representative

The mortgage broker

A secretary

Notary Public



Typically, separate closings – where the buyer and seller sign at different times – may be a better route to take than a combined closing. It may feel awkward when buyers and sellers meet, and depending on the circumstances, emotions can become stirred up for a variety of reasons, and this can ultimately break a deal. However, since everyone has the same end goal in mind, and the terms have already been agreed upon, business is generally attended to efficiently and effectively when both parties sign separately.



Closing documents will be prepared in advance by the professionals, including the real estate agents, any involved attorneys, the mortgage broker, and the title company. These documents will need to be signed and sometimes notarized. The buyer and the seller will need to present photo IDs at the closing table before signing any documents. Both parties should also bring any necessary certified checks, as well as a personal checkbook in case of last-minute issues, such as closing costs, appraisal or processing fees. The documents at the closing table may include:


    Title – which is obvious

Settlement statement – a listing of every fee and expense the owner and buyer are responsible for

Property inspection report – a detailed report, including images, of the condition of the property

Mortgage note – financing terms for the buyer

Deed of Trust – proof of collateral

Lien Certificate – issued in the event that a third party has claims on the property

Truth in Lending Statement – a disclosure statement notifying the borrower of their rights and responsibilities


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