Top 3 Tips to Closing a New Client


Be Their Best Resource

Help your clients by being the best resource for them.  Answer all their questions, field their phone calls, and provide them with as much information as needed. Being diligent will pay off in the long run.


Find Out What’s Holding Them Back

Sometimes, it honestly comes down to the money. But in reality, it’s never really about the money.  It’s about the experience, the feelings that the clients get about a certain house, or the rationalizations that they can or can’t make surrounding a certain property. Don’t let money stand in your way, but you should be budget minded.  If they say it’s about the money, look for other reasons for why they might be making that decision.  If you can pinpoint them, don’t call them out on it, instead, find a way to leverage it to provide them the best possible home. Sometimes, clients are too embarrassed to ask questions that might be perceived as negative.  Even though they seem like minor inconveniences they might be enough to deter potential clients from purchasing a property.  Ask them what’s wrong, so that you can help them get the best deal.


Have a Strategy

As a closer, you have a simple job: get the client to say yes.  When you are working on closing the sale you can take off your real estate hat for a moment, and focus all of your extra energy on closing the sale. Do whatever you have to to make the sale, within ethical boundaries, but don’t stray from your plan. When you have a strategy you can poise yourself for a better deal for all parties involved. In baseball, the pitcher that comes in to finish the game in the final innings is called the closer. Closers are fierce, usually having fiery fastballs, and jaw-dropping offspeed pitches.  Closers exude confidence because they come in when the game is on the line on a daily basis.  In real estate, you can exude the same confidence because you’ve closed big deals throughout your career.  Acting like everything is in good hands can help your clients to feel more confident in working with you.


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