The Best Part of Cloud-Based Realty

 The advantages to cloud-based realty are many. Here are just a few examples of why, and how it is they are so beneficial.


Save Money

Cents makes sense. Using cloud-based infrastructure removes the need to maintain in-house hardware and the staff to support it. The platform providers administrate the infrastructure and the user still has instant access to what they need. The industry is citing figures up to 30 percent when discussing the potential cuts in IT spending companies can achieve by no longer having to maintain in-house servers or the personnel to manage them.


Stay Mobile

Most of the work in real estate work happens outside a traditional office space. The device doesn’t matter–smart phone, tablet, desktop–the cloud is always accessible, providing ultimate flexibility. Professionals manage their business whenever, wherever they want.


Better Data Tracking

Amongst the tech trends revolutionizing commercial real estate, big data has incredible implications for how real estate professionals work. Cloud-computing is essential to process the vast sums of data. For instance, cloud-computing for marketing platforms offers data tracking. Brokerages know who is opening emails and the links they are clicking on. Real estate professionals can see which properties are generating the most buzz.


Increase Productivity

Real estate agents stay busy, but is that “busy” always productive? With cloud’s 24/7 access, agents can design marketing campaigns over coffee between client meetings. The cloud further allows agents to go completely paperless without losing their knowledge base. They can show detailed information to clients while on the spot at showings and quickly look up the answers to their questions.


Customer Relationship Management

Also known as “CRM.” This platform in the cloud allows real estate organizations to access, capture and store information about potential and current customers. It allows for interactions between the organization and its clients. Essentially, a CRM system manages growing connections within a growing business. And of course, employees can access this platform on the go, from whichever device they’re using. Real estate companies can even integrate some of their existing software into the CRM, such as marketing or storage. This keeps everything in one place, making it easier to compile contact lists or find information.


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