Simple Upgrades for Your Newly Purchased Home

So you have your new house, and now it’s time to start early on keeping its value. Here are some easy ways.


Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the first things that jump out at a potential buyer when viewing the kitchen. In your own case, it can be a huge turnoff, since cabinets are so noticeable. Easy fix. Some paint, maybe new handles, or even replacing them completely is relatively inexpensive and DIY-worthy. Picking a relatively neutral cabinet design is definitely worthwhile upgrade.


Front Door

The rest of the world sees your front door first. If you don’t have it updated, or it has seen better days, in decreases the value of your home by hindering your curb appeal. If it just needs paint, don’t wait too long to do that. If it needs more, than you’re better off just replacing it. Modern doors also help with insulation, so that can be a boon for your utility bills.



Curb appeal is for everyone. Obviously a ramshackle yard is an eyesore, but even just a terribly plain yard can hinder aesthetic potential your home might add to the neighborhood. A simple flower patch can be planted in a day. Large potted plants near the front door or porch, and some furniture for that porch. Even a swing or benches to show others you enjoy your own yard. All of these make a difference.


Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Old fixtures can suggest to people that other things in your bathroom are old, like the plumbing. This is an idea you don’t want to give them. New faucets and handles go a long way toward giving your bathrooms a very upgraded look, which is something crucial if you ever want to sell your home. It also couldn’t hurt to replace towel racks and shelves, since those will be used just as much.



This is one of the most important yet easiest things for you to do. Decluttering isn’t just valuable for your home, but also for your own mental health. Acquiring stuff is ok, but it has a way of becoming disorganized, then it turns into piles, and eventually becomes junk. Keeping clutter to a minimum will help you maintain your house and its value.


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