Outdoor Summer Activities in Bloomington

Bloomington’s outdoor arena is a marvel, and summer time is perfect for getting to know it. Here are some of its best activities.



Bloomington is centrally located among some of Indiana’s most beautiful forest lands, with in-town nature parks, out-of-the-way wilderness areas and everything in between. Hiking, biking, and water activities are available at specified locations. Visitors also have access to an incredible variety of recreational facilities featuring softball and soccer fields, water parks, tennis and basketball courts and much more, brought to you by the area’s city and county parks departments.



The rolling hills of south-central Indiana cradle deep ravines and creek beds, a departure from the glacier-flattened lands of the northern parts of the state. The landscape is varied and surprising, a new formation around every bend. The three major lakes in the Bloomington area come up like surprises, a glistening oasis just beyond a hillcrest. Griffy Lake is convenient and quiet, a quick reprieve from the bustle of campus and downtown. Lake Lemon is lined with homes and guesthouses, a family-friendly vacation spot. Monroe Lake is massive, with plenty of space for fast boating and quiet fishing.



The lush, rolling landscape provides the perfect foundation for a beautiful golf course. Whether you’re the type to bring your own clubs on every trip or have never picked up a club in your life, the public courses in Bloomington can accommodate. Stay in town, head towards one of the lakes, or tee up on the Indiana University campus – you can find a course that is convenient and challenging.



Cycling gets in your blood and Bloomington offers many opportunities for all levels of riders to obsess over local pedaling adventures. Widely regarded as one of the top cycling areas and communities in the country, Bloomington features a vast network of city bike lanes and trails, including Indiana’s first mountain bike park. The Monroe County area hosts a wide variety of annual cycling events such as the famous Little 500 and the Hilly Hundred. Set in the rolling hills of South Central Indiana, the Bloomington area is the perfect cycling destination for touring cyclists, professional riders or anyone who enjoys getting from here to there on two wheels.


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