Is February a Good Month to Sell a Home?


Historically, spring has always been the top time of the year to sell your home quickly. However, this is not set in stone. Depending on the particular market—the neighborhood, the city, and the local economy—sellers may find great opportunities in winter, specifically February, right before spring starts. It’s a great chance for a head start. Savvy homeowners should be thinking about marketing their home in February to beat the competition. The beginning of the year is when people set goals and think about the year ahead. Looking back, some of the best sales have often been in February and March.


Early Year Buyers Are Ready and Excited

The start of the year is a time when most people are back at work and will start to browse the market for inspiration on their next big move. Savvy sellers will have their property being marketed early to ensure they don’t miss this opportunity.


Beat the Listing Rush

Marketing a property now means beating the spring rush — traditionally a season when many choose to list their property. Serious sellers should be the first to list their property for the early spring market and February is not too early. Marketing your home now could be a very smart move, especially when there is a lack of inventory allowing your property to really stand out even further. When you combine this with relatively low interest rates, which are approximately one-half percent lower than the fourth quarter of 2018, it makes for an ideal buying scenario.


Gives You Time to Plan for Spring

Waiting for those picture-perfect moments when the sun is shining and gardens are in bloom can mean that sellers are missing out on potential buyers. Historically, as the property market becomes saturated in the spring and summer and is dominated by high supply and high demand, this can mean you are simply one of many, many properties for sale. By selling in a period of high demand but low supply, this can often mean that you are one of a few, standing out from the crowd and with less risk of getting lost in an overabundance of inventory market overload come April.


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