Getting Your Home Ready for a Vacation

Preparing your house for when you go on vacation is important. Here are a few ways to do it.


Ask a Friend to Gather Your Mail

This isn’t technically done at home, but putting your mail on hold with the post office will keep your mail from piling up — a telltale sign that the place is vacant. Sometimes, it’s better to ask a friend, neighbor or family member to stop by every day and gather the mail for you.


Check the Laundry

While frantically running around packing and cleaning the house, it’s easy to forget the obvious things. That last load of laundry you forgot to put in the dryer, for instance. Before you leave, check the washer. Coming home to a full load of laundry that has had a week to sit and sour is less than ideal, to say the least.


Prep Your Plants

Ask a friend or neighbor to water your plants, and be sure to leave multiple lists of all plants and their locations. Otherwise, invest in self-watering plant stakes.


Leave a Light On

During a short trip, leave a few lamps on throughout the house to make it look occupied. For a longer vacation, invest in inexpensive automatic timers that can turn our lights on and off at staggered intervals, making your house look occupied. Alert your home-security service or a trusted neighbor so one or the other can keep an eye out as well.


Spray for Bugs

Spray an insecticide in key areas so bugs will steer clear while you’re gone.


Ready Your Pets

Give the pet sitter or boarding facility detailed care instructions. Make sure the one you choose has plenty of your pet’s favorite foods, treats, toys, medicines and other supplies on hand.


Clean Out the Fridge

Throw away food that will expire while you’re gone. Quickly wipe away any spills that are still fresh with multi-surface Wipes. They conveniently clean multiple surfaces-perfect for a quick and easy clean of your fridge.


Unplug and Reset the Thermostat

Temporarily adjust the thermostat so the air-conditioner or heater won’t waste energy by running in an empty house. Unplug unnecessary appliances in preparation for your absence.


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