Encourage Social Distancing In Your Own Neighborhood

What is most difdficult about the Coronavirus pandemic is the unknowns. A vaccine has not yet been developed as of mid-April of 2020, it is not entirely known who or why it is deadly for some and not for others. This is why quarantining and social distancing are strongly advised. In the spirit of this, we should take it upon ourselves to spread this message to others, especially in our own neighborhoods. You value your neighbors, and want them and their children to stay healthy. Here are some ways to encourage the practice of caution and good health while keeping your neighborhood a place to be proud of.


Stay Friendly, But Respectful

Of course we do not want shutter all the windows and turn off the lights if someone walks down our street. Your neighbors are still who they are—just like you. You can still talk to them while keeping the safe six foot minimum distance. Wave, and say hello as you please. They can pay it forward to others, letting everyone know that our communities can stay strong even in this crisis.


Exploit Your Back Yard

Outdoor activities can be just as fun in the safety of your backyard. If you do not want your children exposed to numerous people who might traverse your street, then Frisbee, badminton, barbecuing, or a campfire with s’mores can be an excellent way to pass the time. You invested in this backyard. Use it.


Do Home Projects

If you’re handy, maybe you can repair your damaged gutters. Or maybe start that home garden you’d been planning in the back of your mind. Could your porch use some paint? Maybe need a new mailbox? How about a window washing? Your neighbors might appreciate all this, since your curb appeal is also good for theirs.


Stay On Your Property as Much as Possible

Stick to essential travel. If you are coming and going too much, your neighbors can become worried, or worse yet, follow suit. We should all be staying at home as possible. Therefore, we should be that example. This shows everyone it is ok to take caution with so many uncertainties in this crisis.


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