Cloud-Based Realty is a Thing!

It’s almost impossible to run a business in the 21st Century without using the internet. Marketing strategist unanimously emphasize website optimization and social media networking, as well as web-specific tools to aid your company’s transactions. Real estate isn’t exempt from this. That may seem odd, since so much of a realtor’s job depends on face-to-face, community-minded relationships, but in the modern market a handshake just isn’t enough to compete. Real estate firms constantly utilize the internet tools to maximize their efficiency and better communicate with clients. The cloud is just as essential for realtors as it is for any other business. Here’s why.


A Successful Pioneering Example

eXp Realty is the first real estate company of its kind, being cloud-based. Trudging through great skepticism and initial loss of profits (as most start-up businesses do), eXp’s agent-owned brokerage is a full-service real estate firm with 24/7 access to information and assistance. It’s holding company is eXp World Holdings, which uses the same business model very much, which is to reduce overhead and capital requirements in addition to increase sales and listings for brokers and agents. All of this facilitates individual ownership and profit, as well as a modern way to do business which demands easy access and feedback, making the model very attractive to real estate professionals wanting their own niche in the market.


All the Advantages of Modern IT

In addition to saving overhead costs, like staffing and even floor space, cloud-based brokerage firms can track their data more efficiently with internet analytic tools and can do this from literally anywhere. Security is web-based, and with investment in the right IT professionals, it becomes of little concern, which means you can conduct business from any location that’s convenient for you. Further, you can reap the benefits immediately as your company grows, since the budget for more business and employees will be set instantly.


The Future is Fast Customer Service

Probably the biggest advantage cloud-based real estate affords is the ease and efficiency of response agents can give to clients. An optimized, communication-based website will allow customers to ask questions and voice concerns, and you can respond to these rights away instead of waiting until you get back to the office to compile your messages. Time is of the essence, and the faster you communicate with your clients, the more likely you’ll retain their business.

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