Best Traits of Successful Realtors


A great deal of a real estate agent’s time, money and personal effort go into marketing their expertise and qualities to the public to build a client base. Once they’ve done a great job for them, repeat business, and referrals will follow. They do so with these traits.



It isn’t enough to know details about a property you’re showing; you should also be knowledgeable about the local community. Your buyer clients may have questions about shopping districts, school districts, local entertainment, etc. If you respond to each question with a blank stare, or if you fluff your way through an answer, they’ll know that you’re unfamiliar with the area. Take time to learn about your target areas. This demonstrates a sincere interest in real estate and a willingness to go the extra mile to help your clients make a wise decision. When narrowing down properties to purchase, some people base the decision on the surrounding area, such as the distance to the nearest highways, school ratings, local attractions, etc. As their agent, you’re an invaluable source when it comes to learning about an area, particularly for buyers who are new to the city.



Being dishonest is the fastest ways to lose the trust of your clients. When clients can’t trust you, this tarnishes your reputation. Word about unscrupulous practices can spread throughout the community. This can result in fewer referrals, and some of your clients might sign with other agents, affecting your bottom line. Always be honest with your clients and never withhold important information. For example, if you’re representing a client who’s buying a house, be upfront if you decide to take this person to a property owned by a seller who you also represent.



A friendly, outgoing personality will take you farther in real estate. You’ll work with a handful of clients, and it’s imperative that you develop a strong rapport with buyers and sellers so they’re comfortable with the process. They’re entrusting you with the task of finding their next home or selling their current home. You’ll work together for several weeks or months, and the time together will be more enjoyable if you’re open and develop a connection.


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