Best Growth Strategies for New Agents


Become a Master Communicator

Real estate is not much more than a conversation. Of course, there are many facets of a transaction, but every one of them are carried out through a conversation. The fastest way to master the conversation is to learn scripts and dialogues. There are dozens of free script books on the internet.


Learn to Generate Leads Like a Pro

There are only a few ways to gain listings or buyer leads. You can buy them, or you can generate them. You can buy them by taking over-priced listings, cutting your commission or running ads or mailers to attract leads. Or you can generate them by simply picking up the phone and making phone calls. If you want a more cost effective and sustainable way of generating business, then do it yourself.


Make Lots of Contacts — Every Day

The definition of a contact is talking to an adult who owns a property. Stop thinking that making contacts is bad. You are in contact with people every day, so being more deliberate about making those contacts can only help. The more people you talk to, the more business you will get. Do not overcomplicate it.


Be Accountable

Many real estate agents get their license thinking that real estate is a career where you have the freedom to make my own schedule. Accountability in real estate seems to be a bad word. But in the outside world, it’s OK. If you go to a gym, that’s accountability. If you are married, have a significant other, have a child or an animal — you are accountable. Those who are accountable to lead generation seem to earn significantly more than those who are not.


Collaborate with the Willing

The game of real estate is changing faster than it ever has, and it seems to get tougher each year to keep up. It is important to surround yourself with a group of real estate agents who are willing to be transparent and share what’s working and what’s not working in their business. When one thing is working in one market, they quickly share that information with the other agents so they can all duplicate their great results.


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