3 Questions to Ask When Relocating


There are a number of things to consider when relocating. Here are 3 important questions to ask when you do.


What Will I Miss?  

This may seem like a straight-forward question, however, having been (and sometimes still being) that restless soul who looks to the future, thinking that things are better somewhere else, make a list of all the things in your life that are attached to where you live. Think about the people you’ll miss, the sports or work team you’re involved with or the quiet neighbors who are always there when you need them. Write down the great things about the city or town or your neighborhood you live in that you love, such as theaters, a great rep cinema, a bakery within walking distance or a coffee shop where they know what you like before you even order.


What’s the Cost of Living?

Before moving, compare the cost of living to your current situation and determine if your new salary will adequately cover your expenses. Even the promise of a higher salary shouldn’t automatically sway you to move until you take stock of all of your expenses. If you are relocating to a more expensive area, your money won’t go as far. You may have to decide if you are willing to modify or sacrifice some aspects of your current lifestyle for the new job.


How Will My Quality of Life Be Affected?

Identifying what you can tolerate is key to making a decision you will not regret. If you need constant cultural stimulation, look for a community with adequate access to concerts, sports, theater and shopping options. High gas prices or the length of their commute can be a deciding factor for public transportation. For a parent, the safety of a neighborhood and the quality of schools and day cares in the area are priorities. Others may have to ask themselves if they will be happy living in an area prone to extreme weather conditions. Always research and, if possible, visit the potential new city to see if it meets your needs and expectations. Consult people who have lived or are currently living there, and look at what else there is to do besides working.


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